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9 Features of a Popular Mobile App

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The world is going mobile. For each business, independent of its size, the mobile is the quickest method for interfacing with its clients. While you could build up a mobile-friendly form of your website, nothing beats the scope and intelligence of a mobile app. Truth be told, an expanding number of business visionaries are entering the mobile app market by making their own mobile apps, or by employing the help of top mobile app development companies.

Making an app that users will love is really a tough journey to undertake. Before you start making an app, it would be good to think from the perspectives of your users (existing and potential) to get an idea of how might they feel while utilizing your app.

To make your job simpler, we have assembled essential qualities that your app must have so as to be a hit with the users.

  1. Convenience

​A great mobile app must have an interface that is easy to use by people of all ages. Investigate the general application hierarchy utilized by different internet-based apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It will give you a reasonable idea of how your app must be organized to be easy to navigate through.

2. User feedback

​It is essential for users to have a way to submit their feedback in your app. It could be a form, a link or an email address. The vital part is that they realize you are open to receiving feedback and that you take value their input. Similarly, they need to have a method for telling you of any bugs, and to give proposals or reactions to enhancement. Users like realizing that their feedback and sources of info can shape the way your app works.

3. Customization

​Every user likes to change an app to her preferences. You should ensure that your app empowers the user to alter different settings – shading, text dimension, and security settings (particularly if yours is a social app). The more a user can redo your app, the more she can identify with your app. Furthermore, if they find something that they don’t like, they can just alter it.

4. Keeping it straightforward

​While making an app, it is important to guarantee that your app does one thing flawlessly. After some time, adding in more features to supplement the principle problem solving feature would be an amazing bonus. Yet, for the principal version of your app, adhering to the essentials is suggested.

5. Keeping it significant

​The content in your app must be with the end goal that isn’t accessible on your site. A ton of apps in the market are simply repeats of the organizations’ mobile site. You must concentrate on building apps with one of a kind substance that push significant data all the time and convey an experience far more extravagant than your mobile site can ever provide

6. Social media logins

​Social media sign-ins spare users time, since they do not have to login each time they begin your app. Incorporating Facebook Connect (or something similar) will request that your users utilize their social media credentials to sign them in and will keep them logged in.7

7. Keeping requests minimal

​Apps that request excessive data are typically dodged by individuals. If that your app must ask people to register, fill out forms or sign up, try to remove any excessive steps or fields, aside from the most fundamental from the plan. Organizations must remember that they have a short window to snare users in. If they get disturbed and leave, chances are, they won’t try attempting once more.

8. Offline support

​Users get irritated if an app does not work since they have a poor signal. It bodes well to build content that can be used even when internet connection is not as strong. This helps your user utilize your app when even they are disconnected or in a hurry.

9. Analytics and experiences

Integrating analytics in your app is important to get a telescopic view on your app’s execution. It is vital for organizations to follow and comprehend their users’ understanding. Many individuals don’t like to give away location information, which is OK. Your emphasis ought to be on tracking their user experience. See what the numbers tell you. Utilize the data to enhance your app and give better updates.

These focuses should help you in enhancing your app’s user base. Have we missed something out? Tell us in the comments!

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