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6 App Features You Need In This New World

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6 Important Resources For Mobile App Design

Mobile application development is a fluid process dictated by modern business trends. Here are 6 features you won’t want to miss out on if you’re gunning to build the best mobile app out there.

1. Simplicity in design

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” This statement will continue to be beautifully relevant, no matter the era. Complex logic if presented simply and in a user friendly way, will definitely appreciated by users.

2. Compliance with GDPR standards

General Data Protection Regulation is a phrase that’s been rapidly gaining popularity in the realm of tech trends. This regulation intends to ensure the individual information of all Singaporeans are protected. Its usage does not require extra enactment in EU part states. Along these lines, all software that stores and processes individual information of clients must be made with privacy and security in mind.

3. Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science has effectively discovered its way to various business circles. Machine learning allows your mobile app to learn from data, identify patters and make decisions with minimal human intervention. This is especially useful in helping your app become more user-friendly, by collecting preferences and documenting user activity. One brilliant and prevalent example of course, is the auto-complete function found in most mobile phones nowadays.

4. Integration of Augmented Reality

Another advancement worth mentioning is Augmented Reality, which was conveyed to the mass gathering of people of mobile clients with such development units as ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. AR takes mobile apps one step further, from simple 2-dimensional interactions with users to an immersive one.

5. Performance is the key

Your mobile application must be able to launch quickly right from the get go, and never keep users waiting from then on. At early stages, it’s about the right decision of tech stack. After releasing your app into the app stores, ceaseless enhancement is an absolute necessity, and the performance of your app must constantly undergo stringent checks in order to retain your customer base.

6. Security matters

This is imperative to specific app development in ventures such as insurance related applications since they deal with a great deal of information and money. Provision of information security is amongst one of the most examined IoT patterns, surely that tells you something about the importance of security.

These 6 measures are definitely just the tip of the iceberg; There is so much more to take note of when developing a mobile development. Do remember to continually do your research to find out what important issues are being raised, to keep your app relevant.

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Why The Choice between Android and iOS still matter

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Android and iOS offer the equivalent applications, in similar sorts of frameworks, with comparative ways to deal with notices and speedy settings. Whether you are a user looking for an ideal phone, or looking for the best mobile app development studio, you might be content with the OS you’re most familiar with and stay with it – so is there any reason to switch?

Android and iOS may have sufficiently acquired highlights from one another throughout the years to make the shallow contrasts not all that good any more (iOS even has gadgets nowadays), yet burrow somewhat more profound and you have three primary ways that Apple’s portable stage varies from Google’s. This is the thing that you have to think about them, and why your pick of OS still has a great impact.


For the most recent few years, Apple has been quick to talk up the client security points of interest of running with iOS. Less of your information gets sent to the cloud, a greater amount of it gets put away safely on your gadget, and Apple wouldn’t like to gather as much information about you in any case, as indicated by Apple.

You can peruse Apple’s security arrangement in full here. A ton of the information that gets sent back to Apple, including seek questions and guide areas, is accumulated and anonymized, however not every last bit of it—in case you’re utilizing Find My iPhone, for instance, Apple has to know your identity and where your telephone is so it can help rejoin you.

It’s formally called Differential Privacy, where the information that Apple gathers on its clients gets mixed so it can’t recognize individuals actually. That signifies “we see general examples, instead of particulars that could be followed back to you” in Apple’s own words.

Google, conversely, likes to suck up as much close to home data as it can on you to make significantly more close to home administrations, and especially observes points of interest about you—you can peruse its protection arrangement here (and remember the strategy of Samsung or LG or whichever organization makes your telephone).

Obviously the subject of how much information gets gathered—information that can be connected to you by and by—is a somewhat independent one to how that information gets utilized. Google would state it’s utilizing all the data it gathers in a capable and accommodating way, something you could possibly be sure about tolerating without needing any proof. While the following should permit Google Assistant to realize you better, regardless of whether the security exchange off is justified, despite all the trouble is up to you.

There’s no uncertainty Apple is less keen on profiling its clients and presenting adverts to them, and progressively keen on persevering for client security. Google lets it be known gathers more information, however guarantees to be watchful with it—so it at last boils down to the amount you believe these monster tech organizations concerning whether you’re progressively open to utilizing iOS or Android on your telephone.


We know Apple’s methodology at this point: It might weakly help iTunes for Windows and Apple Music for Android, however it truly needs its clients to run Apple equipment and programming and that’s it. The HomePod is only the latest case of this, with no help for Spotify (except if you use Airplay) or Android.

It’s dependably been the situation that iOS is phenomenal in the event that you like Apple’s method for getting things done, on the grounds that you don’t get much decision generally. There are no launchers to reskin the OS with, for instance, however customization is an alternate issue truly, and we’ll jump on to applications in the following area.

What we need to discuss here is biological communities as opposed to iOS and Android explicitly: Start getting put resources into the Apple one, with your HomePods and Apple TVs and iCloud, and it’s exceptionally difficult to get out. Join with Google for your email, your distributed storage, and your photographs, and you can bounce between stages substantially more effectively, regardless of whether that is macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS, or iOS and Android.

Look at the way toward changing from Android to iOS with a Google account, which essentially includes downloading and marking into a couple of Google applications, with the way toward going the other way with an Apple account—you can get your messages and schedules set up on Android, pretty much, yet there’s no help for iCloud, or Apple Photos, or your iTunes films.

All things considered, the omnipresence and notoriety of iPhones implies different producers bring to the table help for them, so your decision of perfect gadgets really winds up being greater. Pick iOS and you can pick an Apple Watch or an Android Wear gadget for your next smartwatch or bar substance to an Apple TV or a Chromecast, or send sound to a HomePod or an Amazon Echo. Go for Android and those other Apple-made gadgets aren’t a possibility for you.

As we’ve stated, this is increasingly about Apple’s and Google’s applications and administrations instead of iOS and Android explicitly, however in case you’re on iOS and believe there’s even an opportunity you may one day hop the fence to Android, it’s a smart thought to utilize Google for your applications and administrations—or simply stick to alternatives like Netflix and Spotify that couldn’t care less what versatile working framework you’re running.

It additionally implies on the off chance that you have a home with an Apple TV, a MacBook, and a HomeKit-good light framework, you’re going to discover life a lot less demanding with an iPhone—your decision of other gadgetry and cloud administrations goes far towards your decision of cell phone OS.


As with macOS versus Windows, the security viewpoint for iOS versus Android is stacked vigorously to support Apple: There’s more malware went for Android gadgets, it overcomes all the more frequently, and security refreshes are slower in taking off (not least since Google’s equipment accomplices are included just as Google).

iPhones aren’t completely immune to hacking, but they’re substantially more secured, which means less stress. While this also means applications might be limited in terms of capabilities, it is significantly harder for applications to take control of your gadget.

Like Windows, most people will advise you to be more alert on Android. The numbers aren’t beautiful for Android clients—malware creators are bound to focus on Google’s working framework on the grounds that there are less loops to bounce through, more gadgets to assault, and more gadgets running obsolete adaptations of the product, conceivably presenting those security vulnerabilities that programmers love to such an extent.

Applications are presently consequently filtered from the Play Store application on Google, with suspicious action hailed and halted. Toward the finish of 2016, Google said that 0.05 percent of Android gadgets that solely use applications from Google Play had possibly hurtful applications on them—that is an enhancement for the prior year, yet at the same time 0.05 percent too much.

Applications composed for iOS must be explicitly endorsed and closed down by Apple, making it hard to take control of an Apple gadget. Security bugs still show up and should be squashed on iOS, yet they’re typically quickly managed.

Apple wins this round at that point—security is enhancing Android, however it’s better on iOS. In the event that you’re going to full for the Google choice, at that point consider getting a respectable malware scanner on your gadget just to be erring on the side of caution.

Application Red Tape

For most, Android applications still have the edge over iOS applications with regards to how profound they can get their hooks into the portable working framework. It’s the motivation behind why you can’t change your default SMS application on an iPhone, or record an approach the telephone itself, or open a connection from an email in something besides Safari, or change the symbol and backdrop topic with two or three taps.

Most as of late we completed a round-up of applications that track application use—once more, Android applications can gain admittance to this sort of data (which applications you’re utilizing and for to what extent), while iOS can’t. Another case of applications restricted from iOS are ones that measure nitty gritty investigation from your Wi-Fi association, or ones, for example, Tasker that computerize different low-level elements of the working framework.

While most of clients won’t give a doubt to needing to utilize these sort of applications or capacities, it’s something to hold up under as a main priority. iOS has dependably exceeded expectations at simply working, with Apple adopting a stricter strategy to what applications can and can’t do as an end-result of a slicker, increasingly steady, and progressively secure involvement on versatile.

Pretty much every application of note presently shows up on Android and iOS, yet it stays genuine that the most up to date applications and diversions ordinarily dispatch first on iOS: Alto’s Odyssey is one current precedent that springs to mind, out for iPhones on February 22 with no affirmed date for an Android dispatch (however it will occur, in the long run). Android-first dispatches do occur, yet they will in general be for littler applications from autonomous designers.

Whenever you come to a crossroads between Android and iOS again, consider these points and make a wise decision. After all, you don’t want your app to become a white elephant.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Engage an App Development Company to Create Your App

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Making an app is an extraordinary method to reach out to your customers — especially now that more customers than ever are utilizing smartphones. Studies demonstrate that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020 — almost 70 percent of the total population. Be that as it may, making an app isn’t as simple as it seems. Truth be told, for some organizations, it can benefit from contracting an app development office to make their app — as opposed to depending on in-house developers or swinging to independent, freelance app developers to make the app.

Here is a list of reasons why it could be more beneficial to engage an ios/android app development company in Singapore:

1. An App Development Company Is Focused On Just That

An app development organization does only that: It creates apps. As opposed to having your organization spread its concentration and resources to making an app while building up your company, you can hand over that work to an organization that is totally committed to building an app for your organization. While your IT department or in-house engineers might have the capabilities, it can help take additional work off their plate to contract an app development organization — and give them leisure time and headspace to focus on work crafted by your organization that truly matters.

2. An App Development Company Has Specialized Knowledge

Tech personnel at your organization are like to be handymen. They can set up email on your smartphones can get your remote system to work again when it goes down. While they may have some development and coding knowledge, most in-house IT personnel do not have the particular expertise to assemble an app that not only works well and looks great. By engaging an app development company, you can depend on experts who have committed their lives to excel in the craft of apps.

3. An App Development Company Offers Fixed Price Contracts

When you work with freelancers, it’s basic for them to charge your organization for work on an hourly basis. On the other hand, most app development companies will offer you a fixed cost for their work (the whole expense of building the app). This implies app development companies can enable you to minimize expenses, and likewise help in your budget planning, since you will know how much the app development will cost when you set out on the task.

4. An App Development Company Offer Project Managers

Building an app is a massive project, and it can be overwhelming for new or maturing organizations. One of the advantages of engaging an app development company is that they offer committed project managers — who not only just monitor everything happening with the app, but also discuss adequately with both your organization and developers. With a project manager keeping the app development progress in check, it can help relieve pressure and ensure that everybody is in agreement.

5. App Usage Is Growing

There’s no chance to get around it. App usage is continuously growing. As per estimates, 89 percent of smartphone usage is currently mobile apps — and that number is just going to keep on developing as smartphone utilization grows. Engaging a mobile app development company will guarantee that you build an app that is proficient, useful, aesthetically pleasing and will keep on functional well as its usage extends.

6. You Can Build a Continued Relationship

Your app is definitely going to require updates as your organization continue growing. You’ll need to make changes, update content, spruce up style and enhance features. Hence, it can pay to have a mobile app development company, since you can build a long-standing relationship with them. Unlike freelancers who may move away or get excessively occupied with another project, an app development company will keep on having the expertise and devotion to develop your app and guarantee your app functions well even over many years.

7. App Development Companies Have Access to the Best Technology

When building up your mobile app, you have to ensure it will work well on the majority of your ideal platforms and devices. (Android, iOS, and so on.). In this way, one of the advantages of engaging an app development company is that they utilize the cutting-edge innovation, which will guarantee that the app is produced to be compatible with the platforms. Larger app companies often having the most advanced form of tools and innovations, so you can be guaranteed that you are relying on the most latest technologies.


In the event that you want to build up an app for your organization, consider approaching an app development company to help in designing and releasing your app. Engaging a devoted development company can guarantee that your app functions well and looks great, and in addition have the necessary support for app longevity.

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Finding and Hiring the Best App Developer

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Coming up with a great app idea might probably be just as hard as sourcing a perfect app development team for your vision. Experts estimate 2.3 million individuals working as mobile app developers worldwide. If you pick one of them without putting too much thought into that, you might run the risk of making a wrong choice.

Hopefully, this article helps you navigate around the maze in the market!

1. Check app developer’s profiles

Those looking for an answer to find a app developer usually starts with research, checking for the candidate’s profile, a list of clients and their references, and also, projects.

Freelance websites where you can find developers for hire:

For those looking for freelancers to work on smaller scale projects or certain aspects of a whole projects, you can consider hiring from freelance networks that offers hourly and fixed price jobs for a cost-efficient solution.

Upwork is a great place for such, and offers the clients time-tracking tools to help guarantee results for your payment. Other freelance networks for developers include People Per Hour and Guru.

Full Package App development & Design

Of course, when it comes to app development, design is also a major aspect of concern.

Originally US is a Singapore-grown app development studio that does everything in house, from coding to design (handled by a sister company JIN Design), ensuring a smooth and well aligned product.

3. Shortlist potential candidates

Sourcing for an app developer might not appear to be that tough, especially given how app is such a hot buzzword in the market now. However, after finding a company, you will want to be assured that the final product can meet your expectations. The cheapest or fastest responses might not be the most advisable ones to deal with.

First, you need to determine the kind of people you want: a full team or individual freelancers?

This will be dependent on the amount of effort you can dedicate to monitoring the entire developmental process and your experience in working with tech teams, that will guide you to the tricky risks to managing a freelancer. Subscribing to an app design agency, aids you with project management services along with a full suite of developers, designers, QA specialists. Albeit being a costlier hire, investing in a more focused work strategy for work, communication, and quality control, might save you a lot of time and effort.

4. Analysis

After obtaining a list of candidates, there are some things you should find out about them to make a sound comparison. Here are some examples:

1) Where can I find any examples of your previous works?

Experienced mobile app developers are always ready to provide you with examples of apps they have built in the past, including those that not in their standard portfolio. The apps should be searchable in the App Store or Google Play, a good evident of their level of expertise and understanding of their ability to deliver a mobile app you are seeking.

The company’s website is also something you should look at – if they don’t care about what their own service looks like, they won’t care about your app either.

2) How can you guarantee the quality of your development effort?

Top Android or iOS developers have certain standards of quality which ensure effectiveness of their service. These standards of quality should combine a set of tools, methods and techniques used to achieve consistent and stable architecture in the project, reusable code, and excellent user experience.

If you are not a technical person and can’t judge technical skills, you’d better rely on the recommendations of someone you trust, who has the skills and experience to help you review code samples of your candidates.

3) May I have a list of your current and previous clients?

The list of clients and their references can tell you more than several Skype calls with programmers. You will perfectly understand how responsive, reliable and result-oriented the team is by contacting some of their previous clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for more references and don’t forget that some of your candidates will offer you only positive reviews.

4) How will we communicate during the development process?

The final result of collaboration with a team strongly depends on how often you communicated and how well you understood each other during the process of building a product. Communication is the most important aspect in working with remote teams. It combines a number of online tools and reporting approaches that ensure transparency of the development process.

A good team should keep you updated you with daily chats, group and individual calls, weekly status reports and a demo at the end of each iteration. If the agency restricts communication to a manager only, the efficiency of the individual team members should be put into doubt.

5. Hire the best app developer!

Hope that this article has helped you, you can also visit this recommended list for some potential candidates for finding the best app development app studio in Singapore that you should consider in your choices.