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6 App Features You Need In This New World

6 Important Resources For Mobile App Design

Mobile application development is a fluid process dictated by modern business trends. Here are 6 features you won’t want to miss out on if you’re gunning to build the best mobile app out there.

1. Simplicity in design

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” This statement will continue to be beautifully relevant, no matter the era. Complex logic if presented simply and in a user friendly way, will definitely appreciated by users.

2. Compliance with GDPR standards

General Data Protection Regulation is a phrase that’s been rapidly gaining popularity in the realm of tech trends. This regulation intends to ensure the individual information of all Singaporeans are protected. Its usage does not require extra enactment in EU part states. Along these lines, all software that stores and processes individual information of clients must be made with privacy and security in mind.

3. Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science has effectively discovered its way to various business circles. Machine learning allows your mobile app to learn from data, identify patters and make decisions with minimal human intervention. This is especially useful in helping your app become more user-friendly, by collecting preferences and documenting user activity. One brilliant and prevalent example of course, is the auto-complete function found in most mobile phones nowadays.

4. Integration of Augmented Reality

Another advancement worth mentioning is Augmented Reality, which was conveyed to the mass gathering of people of mobile clients with such development units as ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. AR takes mobile apps one step further, from simple 2-dimensional interactions with users to an immersive one.

5. Performance is the key

Your mobile application must be able to launch quickly right from the get go, and never keep users waiting from then on. At early stages, it’s about the right decision of tech stack. After releasing your app into the app stores, ceaseless enhancement is an absolute necessity, and the performance of your app must constantly undergo stringent checks in order to retain your customer base.

6. Security matters

This is imperative to specific app development in ventures such as insurance related applications since they deal with a great deal of information and money. Provision of information security is amongst one of the most examined IoT patterns, surely that tells you something about the importance of security.

These 6 measures are definitely just the tip of the iceberg; There is so much more to take note of when developing a mobile development. Do remember to continually do your research to find out what important issues are being raised, to keep your app relevant.

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