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What Are The Key Advantages of Android App Development?

Android is an open source mobile operating system that offers a significant streamlined path for the app development process and hence brags of a tremendous client base. There is an expanding request to develop Android app Singapore as we start to see an increasing number of businesses utilizing the Android OS to build customer mobile apps that settle customer issues and increases the value of the business. Along these lines, the execution of the Android app development dependably offers a few advantages. Android offers the entire software stack including the OS, middle ware and key mobile applications.

For app developers who are trying to go into the mobile business, the Google Play Store is that one place which offers boundless open doors for its client. Google Play Store supposedly overshadows its rivals to a large degree, to the point that in the event that the mobile app developed isn’t displayed there, there may be a significant chance of revenue loss for your business.

The positive effect of the Android app development process on the mobile application industry are numerous. Here are some of them:


The software development kit (SDK) in Android allows the Android app developers to utilize the Android platform as they need it to do. The developers need not waste excessive time learning Android and thereafter building up the application. This makes their jobs less demanding and cuts development time.

Low Cost

The greatest benefit for the Android app developers is its open-source nature of its architecture. Android offers an extraordinary open door for the organizations of smaller scale to display their apps through the App Stores, with the goal that they don’t have to invest excessively in expenses including app development and production.

Freedom in Creating the App

The Android OS is constantly founded on advancement and innovation. Along these lines, there are no hindrances for the individuals who intend to make their apps increasingly unique. The nature of the platform is such that developers are not restricted by functionality and innovation limits.


Android OS hold the biggest share in the app market and its reputation is additionally improved by its relationship with reputable brands like YouTube. This is the favored OS with regards to every other gadgets, other than the Apple Devices.

Wide Variety of Hardware

There are a wide scope of Android-based gadgets, accessible all through the market.

This thus offers open doors for the developers as they can pick among a wide range of gadgets. They will likewise have the freedom to make generalized software, as there are various producers on the same OS. In this way, they will no longer need to part their heads over a single manufacturer of handsets.

Simple Adoption

Android applications are scripted with Java dependent on a set of libraries. It is very simple for the Java software engineers to adopt and script the code with the applications dependent on Android.

Easy to Integrate

The Android platform is the best alternative,  even when the client is searching for an integrated web application or complex dimensions of customization. The platform is highly prepared for customization.


Without a doubt, the Android app development offers many points of interest for creating mobile applications. This is the motivation behind why Android has been the favoured platform for both amateur and experienced Android app developers.

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