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Finding and Hiring the Best App Developer

Coming up with a great app idea might probably be just as hard as sourcing a perfect app development team for your vision. Experts estimate 2.3 million individuals working as mobile app developers worldwide. If you pick one of them without putting too much thought into that, you might run the risk of making a wrong choice.

Hopefully, this article helps you navigate around the maze in the market!

1. Check app developer’s profiles

Those looking for an answer to find a app developer usually starts with research, checking for the candidate’s profile, a list of clients and their references, and also, projects.

Freelance websites where you can find developers for hire:

For those looking for freelancers to work on smaller scale projects or certain aspects of a whole projects, you can consider hiring from freelance networks that offers hourly and fixed price jobs for a cost-efficient solution.

Upwork is a great place for such, and offers the clients time-tracking tools to help guarantee results for your payment. Other freelance networks for developers include People Per Hour and Guru.

Full Package App development & Design

Of course, when it comes to app development, design is also a major aspect of concern.

Originally US is a Singapore-grown app development studio that does everything in house, from coding to design (handled by a sister company JIN Design), ensuring a smooth and well aligned product.

3. Shortlist potential candidates

Sourcing for an app developer might not appear to be that tough, especially given how app is such a hot buzzword in the market now. However, after finding a company, you will want to be assured that the final product can meet your expectations. The cheapest or fastest responses might not be the most advisable ones to deal with.

First, you need to determine the kind of people you want: a full team or individual freelancers?

This will be dependent on the amount of effort you can dedicate to monitoring the entire developmental process and your experience in working with tech teams, that will guide you to the tricky risks to managing a freelancer. Subscribing to an app design agency, aids you with project management services along with a full suite of developers, designers, QA specialists. Albeit being a costlier hire, investing in a more focused work strategy for work, communication, and quality control, might save you a lot of time and effort.

4. Analysis

After obtaining a list of candidates, there are some things you should find out about them to make a sound comparison. Here are some examples:

1) Where can I find any examples of your previous works?

Experienced mobile app developers are always ready to provide you with examples of apps they have built in the past, including those that not in their standard portfolio. The apps should be searchable in the App Store or Google Play, a good evident of their level of expertise and understanding of their ability to deliver a mobile app you are seeking.

The company’s website is also something you should look at – if they don’t care about what their own service looks like, they won’t care about your app either.

2) How can you guarantee the quality of your development effort?

Top Android or iOS developers have certain standards of quality which ensure effectiveness of their service. These standards of quality should combine a set of tools, methods and techniques used to achieve consistent and stable architecture in the project, reusable code, and excellent user experience.

If you are not a technical person and can’t judge technical skills, you’d better rely on the recommendations of someone you trust, who has the skills and experience to help you review code samples of your candidates.

3) May I have a list of your current and previous clients?

The list of clients and their references can tell you more than several Skype calls with programmers. You will perfectly understand how responsive, reliable and result-oriented the team is by contacting some of their previous clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for more references and don’t forget that some of your candidates will offer you only positive reviews.

4) How will we communicate during the development process?

The final result of collaboration with a team strongly depends on how often you communicated and how well you understood each other during the process of building a product. Communication is the most important aspect in working with remote teams. It combines a number of online tools and reporting approaches that ensure transparency of the development process.

A good team should keep you updated you with daily chats, group and individual calls, weekly status reports and a demo at the end of each iteration. If the agency restricts communication to a manager only, the efficiency of the individual team members should be put into doubt.

5. Hire the best app developer!

Hope that this article has helped you, you can also visit this recommended list for some potential candidates for finding the best app development app studio in Singapore that you should consider in your choices.

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