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4 Brilliant Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

You may not have realised it, but the opinions of others play a huge part in your own purchasing decisions, regardless of the good or service.

Concerning apps, opinions and reviews likewise influence how visible they will be in app store list items and how likely they will be highlighted on the app store. This is a huge aspect to take note of if you want to dabble in app development in Singapore.

In the competitive app market today, you’ll require more positive reviews than you have loved ones to give them, to help your app stand out. App reviews simply don’t happen without anyone else’s input, and you shouldn’t anticipate that hoards of individuals should make a beeline for the app store alone just to compose a review of your app. Actually, the ones who will do so are most likely those who have had a terrible experience with your app.

To help your mobile app get increasingly positive app reviews, here are 4 things you can do:

  1. Utilize an App Review Plugin

The fastest, least demanding approach to get an app review from somebody is to request that they do it inside your app. There are various turn-key modules accessible for iOS and Android that make it drop-dead easy to incite the client to review your app.

Appirater is a well known iOS module that takes around 2 minutes to drop into your app, and it will incite clients to review your app after they have utilized it a specific number of times or after a set timespan. (There is an Android form also.) If the client selects the “Rate” button, they are taken directly to the app store where they can leave their review.

Be watchful when setting up Appirater, however. You would prefer not to show the review popup too early, or directly after the client has downloaded your app because you may finish up with some irritated clients and terrible reviews.

2. Give Users Incentives to Review Your App

Individuals don’t care for popups, and a large number of essentially will overlook a standard app review popup. To truly squeeze your app review numbers, you have to go past simply showing an app review popup to your clients. You have to incentivise them.

Does your app have in-game rewards or points? A simple and incredible motivation is to compensate your clients if they do review your app. Humans love free stuff, and the likelihood of somebody giving you an app review is likely to increase if they know they stand to benefit from it.

3. Time the Prompt

While review prompts are an incredible method to remind clients to leave a review, it’s essential to time the prompts appropriately inside the client encounter.

Numerous apps wrongly ask for reviews upon the client opening the app. This makes for a poor client experience, and clients are more averse to leave a review in light of the fact that the app is interfering with the ordinary user flow

A superior method to request the review is to hold up until the client has achieved something inside your app or is done with his/her intended task

Dan Counsell of Realmac Software tells us how Clear Todos for iOS shows the “Rate app” dialog. The prompt happens after a couple of conditions have been met. To begin with, the client must utilize the app for half a month. Second, the client should clear the rest of the errands from a list.

Asking for a review when clients are liking the app makes it a win-win circumstance for both the app engineer and the end client.

4. Run a Contest

Another brilliant method to increment app reviews is to run a challenge on different platforms. The well known blog, Touch Arcade, includes an area inside their discussions where app engineers run challenges and giveaways to lure different individuals to leave reviews for their apps.

When running a challenge, you can give away an iTunes gift voucher, or you can PayPal the champ. Reviewers will leave their iTunes or Google Play usernames as answers inside your string, and afterward you can choose the champ randomly.

It’s essential to feature who the hopefuls are and how you chosen a victor. You can put all usernames into a spreadsheet and partner a number for every client. At that point utilize the site to create a number and demonstrate the screen capture to demonstrate you were not supporting any one reviewer.

While running a challenge requires you to physically deal with the whole procedure, from checking iTunes and approving the reviews to choosing a victor, it can kick off your app’s initial and essential reviews and ratings.

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