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4 key traits to look out for when hiring a Mobile App Developer

An app developer is a certified professional that transforms your idea for an app into an actual product that is launched and used on designated platforms (such as Android or iOS). Mobile App Developer deals with the “technical” components that go into bringing an app to life, such as coding to accommodate features and design. An app developer can be certified in specific areas of ios and android development platforms. It is usually recommended that you hire a team of app developers from a development firm so that your app idea will receive input from a diverse group of app developers. In addition to your app’s pre-launch procedure, an app developer will also monitor and analyze your mobile app.

How to Hire Someone to Build an App?

What are some thoughts that pop up in your head when you are looking for someone to hire to help you build an app? There is a myriad of factors – from experience, knowledge, technical skills, to cost. To set you off on the right train of thought, here are 4 key areas to look out for in your criteria list.

1. App Development Framework

Apps designed purely based on an open-source framework usually result in an unstable product that is costly to maintain. Furthermore, there has to be intensive discussions to decide if a fully native application or hybrid approach is more favourable to obtain the intended reach to your target audience. It is important to prepare yourself prior to the process of hiring with basic knowledge of app development terms/processes, which will be key to a smooth and efficient initial assessment of hiring an app developer.

2. How to Hire App Developers?

A timeless reminder to keep in mind: The more experience your app developer has, the higher the chances of a successful outcome. Usually, a professional platform developer will adopt a specific, well-tested approach to the job that has proven to yield good results for them. This more methodological approach lowers the risk of failure, in comparison to the more trial and error method that less experienced mobile developers might adopt in an attempt to hit the jackpot.

While you might want to make a bet by hiring an inexperienced app developer due to their attractive rates, you might have to deal with failure and headaches in the future. Having an experienced mobile developer is not only more time and cost efficient, they are likely to save you some frustration in the long run. Besides experience, find out the credentials of your developer such as the courses, certifications, or degrees of their fellow teammates. Credible reviews from the company’s past customers or user experience also gives you a more holistic view by allowing you to see the company through the eyes of their past clients.

3. Guidelines for the Best Developer

It is important to find an app developer who has experience in your niche and relevant client studies that proves their expertise. After all, it is a terrible situation to have spent so much resources on developing an app, only to have it rejected by the operating system because some basic rule was ignored in the development process! There will also be opportunities lost with a delayed market release that will be an absolute nightmare. Hence, experience is key for the app developer to know the rules and regulations of each operating system/platform/app stores that you are targeting. Furthermore, these guidelines vary across platforms so it is important to be up-to-date and well-informed.

4. App Development – Security & Cloud Technology

Apps are expected to come with inbuilt security features such as encryption and data loss prevention. This is especially so in recent years where cybersecurity is a real threat and extra precautions have to be taken to appease the users against possible infiltration of hackers.

Besides knowledge on cybersecurity and cloud technology, your mobile app developer should be able to work (and demonstrate experience) across the major platforms, all of which can be observed aptly from their experience in the development, execution, and upkeep of successful apps.

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