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iPhone App Development Trends 2019

1. Augmented Reality

The launch of iOS 11 which brought Augmented Reality (AR) to the hands of the iPhone app developers. We, being the iOS app developers, started using the powers of Apple’s ARKit framework to make our clients’ apps much smarter. Leading enterprises are already utilizing the power of Augmented Reality (AR): IKEA Place allows the customers to imagine how their products would look into their home virtually without bringing the products at home.

Recently, with the advancements in Apple’s ARKit framework, Apple is trying to do “Augmented Reality Interface for Interacting with Displayed Maps” with its new patent application. Apple intends for more advanced use of ARKit in the Apple Maps to enable better navigation. Along with the ARKit framework, the Augmented Reality (AR) will also become a must-have feature in the upcoming on-demand apps。

2. Apple ATS TLS 1.2

Apple never compromises on the security aspect and we have been experiencing this for the years now. According to some studies, there are more malware attacks on Android compared to iOS mobile phones. Last year, Apple shared that together with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, they will be teaming up to protect the web traffic. According to the published statement, Apple’s security team is planning to bring the App Transport Security (ATS) compliance, TLS 1.2 that is ‘security fit for the modern web’.

What is TLS? The Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides safer and authenticated confidential communication. For close to 2 decades, TLS has been used across all the Apple platforms with known bugs. From March 2020, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be supported across any of the platforms and the TLS 1.2 will be the standard ATS compliance for all the Apple platforms. From 2019 onwards will be the years of higher security, meaning fewer hassles of adding more security add-ons.

3. AI-based Siri Shortcuts

“Siri is one of our best friends.”

According to Loup Ventures, out of 800 questions asked to Siri, 74.6% were answered correctly, relatively good numbers when compared to Amazon Alexa (72.5%) and Microsoft Cortana (63.4%). That means Siri has become a smarter digital voice assistant using Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the launch of iOS 12, Siri is offering integration to third-party iOS apps with ‘Shortcuts’. This new feature means that iOS app developers can easily build iPhone applications that trigger certain functions using Siri. App developers should also be building their apps using the Siri Shortcut, a function that Apple is now progressing in the SiriKit to enhance its Shortcut functionalities.

4. Core Machine Learning (ML) 2

The new version, Core ML 2, is expected to play a very essential role in developing Apple’s future hardware-ready products. It is said that Apple’s Core ML is 30% faster with the help of batch prediction technique. This new Core ML 2 toolkit allows the iPhone app developers to use quantization in reducing the 75% of the trained machine learning models’ size.

The company is also planning to include the chip named, the Apple Neural Engine (ANE) to accelerate all the functionalities of the Machine Learning (ML) in their upcoming devices. Using this chip, even the third-party developers would be able to execute their own AI within their devices, prompting more iOS app developers to use Core ML 2 in developing feature-rich, high-performing, responsive, and interactive iPhone and iPad apps.

5. Apple Pay

A few months back, Tim Cook said that more than one billion Apple Pay transactions took place in the Q3 of 2018 in the company’s earnings call. Also, in a study by Loup Ventures, Apple Pay transactions is expected to see 200% growth by 2019. This clearly states that Apple products are soon going to see more integration of Apple Pay making the online transactions more secured. growt-in-apple-pay Source So, while looking to integrate a payment gateway in an app, iOS app developers would look forward to integrating Apple Pay to encourage more secured transactions.

6. Apple HomeKit

2018 has witnessed a huge interest and acceptance of smart home devices across the globe, including the Daikin Smarthome app in Singapore. According to research by Statista, more than 45 million smart home devices will find their homes in the U.S. by the end of 2018.

This is an incredible opportunity for revenues if business owners are able to build successful IoT devices and apps. The increasing demand for smart home devices leads to an increasing number of apps being developed using Apple HomeKit. Hence, Apple HomeKit is yet to stay in 2019 and beyond.

7. Swift 5.0

The Swift 5 release date has been predicted to be around April and the updates will be forming key guidelines for iOS app development. The new version will bring ABI (Application Binary Interfaces) stability. This stability will help the iOS app developers to embed the Swift libraries with the runtime. This embedding takes place within the operating system that is compatible with the iOS apps developed using Swift 5.0 or later, making Swift a likely more popular choice for iOS app development especially with its drastically reduced app size.

Some of these trends are going to stay longer than just 2019. Apple’s current focus is on completely utilizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Augmented Reality (AR).

The Apple team will be advancing on all of its platforms including iOS. So, all of the above iPhone app development trends are going to make revolutionary iOS apps to bring more business to the owners and more success for the developers.

With these trends to keep in mind, it is time again to embark on your own iOS development journey. It is important to embrace and keep up with the new trends, be it for creating a new application or maintaining a current one. If you want to develop iOS app in Singapore, you can consider to approach an local app development studio, not just to recieve a quote, but also to gain a better perspective of an ideal scope and direction for the app that you envision.

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