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How Much Time Does It Take To Build A Custom Mobile App?

The procedure to build a product app is relatively direct. While it is true that the mobile app development Singapore industry has differing opinions on how mobile apps ought to be built (e.g. waterfall versus agile), it is imperative that you should:

  • Be clear of what you need your mobile app to do
  • Plan how to fabricate it: the structure and the advances
  • Assemble it
  • Test it to ensure it works the manner in which you have planned

Taking into account requirements gathering, designing, coding the app, testing and releasing of the app, the fastest that a straightforward mobile app can be assembled is roughly 4 months.

App Requirements: 2 – 4 Weeks

At this stage, you take your ideas and put them on paper. You will have to clarify some specific questions to ensure that the app development company understands what you are looking for. Questions can include:

  • What does the app need to do?
  • Why is this app vital to your business?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What functions do they have to achieve?
  • What are the steps to take?
  • Who else does the app serve and how?

This is a highly critical part of the project. Ensure that all parties fully understands the requirements and are on the same page. In the event that a party misunderstands any portion, it may result in an app that is not within expectations.

The length of time depends to a great extent on the accessibility of the app development company and the different parties’ responsiveness to questions.

Design: 3-4 Weeks

Wireframes (or black and white portrayals) of your app are made, including the arrangement of content and pictures. The general flow of your app is planned in this stage too. Next, the company will design the skin for your app, what it will resemble, what text styles will be utilized, and what illustrations will be shown

App Development: 3-6 Months  

The largest portion of time in app development is spent coding the application. It is imperative that developers are equipped with rich knowledge of the required programming language and new technologies in the market. The length of time also depends on whether you are building a native or cross-platform mobile app.

App Testing: 3-3.5 Months

This stage is critical to ensure the app works perfectly and is bug-free.

You should invest a lot of time in testing your application. At the very least, you should conduct feature testing at each demo and end-to-end testing where you try out the entire app before it goes live.

The fundamental testing is to ensure that the app works and meets your design requirements. After this testing, you might need to consider testing your app for an assortment of conditions it may need to experience, for example, a high load or use on various gadgets or versions of operating system. This is known as load, performance, and cross-browser/device testing.

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