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13 Essential Mobile App KPIs That You Need To Know

Let’s face it: there are mobile app KPIs (key performance indicators) that are important and there are those that are not. These are things that the best iOS and Android app developers in Singapore have to know.

Ultimately, a mobile app is there to offer some benefit for its users and to make them pay for it, right? While you may love its design and functionality, app users might not feel the same to the extent as to pay for it.

Making sense of your mobile app’s value and surveying its performance should not stem from your own personal emotions. Everybody knows that you love your app. Yet, that sort of adoration may now and again destroy a business eventually.

Let’s combat that and together, let’s discover the profitable mobile app KPIs you should track to gauge your app’s execution.


This one is by a wide margin one of the least difficult approaches to follow your app’s performance A download is a key stage in app adoption since the various stages are based upon it. So ensure you are following your app downloads properly.

App open rate

This is otherwise called AOR. It demonstrates the level of sessions produced by your app users. The more sessions they produce, the stickier to your app they can be considered.

Number of new users

This a fascinating mobile app KPI to use since it tells you whether your user base is developing or not. For instance, you could check whether you are having new users because of some specific occasions, advertisement campaigns, app upgrades or bug fixes. There can be a ton of explanations for this.

Daily Active Users (DAU)

This KPI demonstrates the quantity of dynamic users who utilize the app each and every day.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

This KPI demonstrates the quantity of active users every month

Retention rate

This KPI tells you the number of your users that really remain faithful to your app. If your retention rate is high, your app is value adding to users. Generally speaking, the higher the retention rate, the more you earn from your app.

Session length

It’s critical how much time per session a user has spent utilizing the app. It may give you knowledge as of what to enhance, change or include to make the users remain longer.


Alright, this one sounds cruel. However, things happen, so prepare yourself and endeavor to comprehend for what reason would such an awful thing happen to your app. Following the quantity of uninstalls is as imperative as following the quantity of downloads.

Attempt to discover what has caused the uninstallation: could you have included an odd button? Is there a bug? Could it be that your most recent advertisement battle is an absolute wreckage? Pose these inquiries each time you see mass uninstallations.

The average income per user

You don’t should be a mathematician to make sense of things. This is the normal measure of money that has been created per user through in-app buys, paid updates and substantially more.

Organic conversion rate

This is the rate of conversion through unpaid discovery. For instance, if the user has discovered your app through word of mouth and has begun utilizing it, that is natural conversion

Paid conversion rate

This is the rate of conversation accomplished through paid promotion crusades e.g. TV advertisements, social media promotions and sponsored posts.


This refers to the number of time your app has been shared by users and recommended on social media websites.

Positive feedback will bring you users while negative input may demolish everything. Along these lines, ensure your marketing team deals with making a positive brand identity for your business/startup.


To wrap things up, ratings and reviews are among the mobile app KPIs that matter. Most importantly, they ought to never be ignored.

Last Notes

There are many mobile app KPIs that item proprietors and mobile app designers ought to consider at different phases of the creation procedure. Ensure you choose which ones are progressively critical to you.

Indicate your objectives and pick the KPIs as needs be. Happy estimating!

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